Hey there!👋

My name’s Eric. People on Instagram call me by my username “Horny God” or “Leekz God”.

I’m just a random guy who made an Instagram account just to post some hentai and shit whilst not knowing how it worked but I started growing rapidly. It still didn’t feel enough. I knew there was more I could do for the community. With my ‘not so much’ balance, I started buying premium snapchats and then decided to upload them on the internet too. Along the way found more people who were having subscriptions of MORE models with them but were NOT sharing those. Some agreed to give them willingly while other asked for money which wasn’t bad considering it was cheaper and faster. It just kept moving forward from there. But along the way Instagram kept deleting my accounts and nullifying all my effort I did put into growing those accounts. I had no choice but to take extreme measures! I HAD TO CREATE MY OWN DARN WEBSITE!😤😤

Just hit up any of the above icons if you want to contact me!​

If you wanna help me buy more of these stuff and put more effort into this shit, empty your damn pockets a little😤

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Everyone of y'all doodoos better thank @LILBABYENYA on Instagram for giving money to support me in buying this website and server. Without it, none of us would be here you ungrateful horny fucks😤